Manage your CIBC Costco Mastercard Login Account

by admin January 17, 2024
CIBC Costco Mastercard Login Guide

Costco is a wholesale retail company that operates in both USA and Canada. With their low-priced products, the company also offers CIBC Costco Mastercard. You can use this card to shop at Costco shops both online and offline. Recently CIBC took over Costco, but you will still get the fair rates of the products they sell. Let’s know more about Costco Mastercard in this blog.

About Costco

Costco was formed in 1983 in Seattle, Washington. This is the third biggest retailer in the world, also the largest seller of wine, rotisserie chicken, organic foods, and prime beef. If you are a frequent shopper at Costco, you can apply for the CIBC Costco Mastercard. If you have a business, there’s a business card option as well. Let’s know more about this card.

CIBC Costco Mastercard Types

  • CIBC Costco Mastercard– Get 3% back at Costco gas stations, and at restaurants, avail 2% and 1% at other purchases. You can send money to more than 120 countries with zero transfer fee. The card has no cash advance fee, and you will not have to pay interest if you pay off the balance before the due date. No annual fee, purchase APR is 19.75%, cash interest APR is 21.49%, balance transfer APR is 21.49%. Manage your online account from anywhere anytime using the CIBC mobile app. Avail the annual cash back by a gift certificate from any Canadian Costco warehouse.
  • CIBC Costco Business Mastercard– Cash interest APR is 22.49% for non-Quebec residents. 21.99% is for Quebec residents. Avail 3% back at Costco gas stations, and at restaurants, avail 2% and 1% at other purchases. Get free shipping, insurance services. Once you join as a member you will receive $100 welcome bonus, and you will get $100 when you spend $3000 on the card within the 120 days of card account opening. Get annual cash back by a gift certificate from any Canadian Costco warehouse.

Register with CIBC Costco Mastercard Account

  • To register with the card account, go to the website
  • Next, at the center right side login section, just under the sign in blanks click on “Register” option to go to the next step.


Register for CIBC Costco Mastercard Login Account


  • Provide your credit card details and click on “Next” to follow the instructions and complete the registration.

CIBC Costco Mastercard Login Process Online

  • To login with your card account, visit the website
  • Next, at the center right side of the page you will see the login section.


CIBC Costco Mastercard Login


  • Here, enter the required details and click on “Sign on” to successfully log into the account.

Reset CIBC Costco Mastercard Login Details

  • To reset the login details, use the link
  • Next, from the center right side login section click on “Reset your password” option to access the next step.
  • Here, provide your credit card number, expiry date, registered phone number and click on “Next” to follow the prompts and complete the reset process.

Apply For Costco Mastercard

  • To apply for the card, go to the webpage
  • Next, you will see the two card images side by side. If you choose CIBC Costco Mastercard, then scroll down on the page and at the left side under the card details, click on “Apply Now” option to access the next step.
  • Click on “Visit External Link” option to leave this page.
  • Here, you will get option for joining Costco membership. You can click on “Not a Costco member? Sign up here” option to go to the next page where you will find two membership options, Executive and Gold Star. You can buy new membership or renew your membership before applying for the card.
  • You can always directly apply for the card by scrolling down on the CIBC page and click on “Apply now” to access the next step.
  • Here, at the center left side under the card image click on “Let’s go” option to get the next section.
  • You can choose “Sign on now” to login with CIBC online banking account, or you can continue applying by clicking on “No Continue Application” option to access the next step.
  • You have to review the important details of the card and click on “Continue” option to access the next section.
  • Provide your personal details, your address, income information, and other details, agree to the terms and click on “Submit” to complete the credit card application.

Costco Mastercard Bill Payment Process

Costco credit cards are now issued from CIBC, but you still get various options to pay the credit card bill. You can pay through CIBC mobile app, online, and through phone. You can use your credit or debit card to pay the bills. Let’s discuss the processes in details.

Costco Mastercard Online Bill Payment

  • To make an online payment use the link
  • Next, at the center right side of the page enter the card number, password and click on “Sign on” to successfully login to the account.
  • After logging in you will find the bill payment option and make the payment.

Costco Mastercard Bill Payment by Mobile App

  • You have to download the CIBC mobile app on your Android and Apple device.
  • Next, login with the online account and you will find the bill payment option.


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Costco Mastercard Bill Payment by Phone

  • Pay the bill through a designated phone number.
  • You have to call on – 855-378-6467.
  • Once the automated prompts start, provide the required details and make the payment.

CIBC Contact Details

For any issues with the Costco Mastercard, you have to contact CIBC directly. The customer support team will help you resolve the issues.

CIBC Contact Number- 1-866-346-2999

For Canada and USA Contact Number- 1-866-363-3338


Frequently Asked Questions About Costco Mastercard

Is Costco Mastercard a good card?

This is a good credit card if you are a regular visitor of Costco gas stations, and the retail stores. Using this card will get you several cash back rewards and more.

Can I use Costco Mastercard anywhere in the world?

This is a Mastercard, which means you can use it anywhere they accept Mastercard. However, you have to be a member of Costco to avail this card which required $60 per year fee.

Can I get a free membership at Costco?

No, the company do not offer free membership. However, the cost of membership is easy to bear because you will get lots of low-priced products from the store.

When CIBC took over Costco credit cards?

In 2022, 4th March, CIBC became the issuer of all Costco credit cards in Canada.

What is the credit limit on this credit card?

The usual credit limit is $300. However, you can read the fine print on your card and its documents before applying for it.

How many users can I add with one Costco Mastercard?

You can add just one extra user with the card. Also, this person has to be 16 years old and must be the resident of your address.

How long will it take for my Costco Mastercard to arrive in mail?

Once you get the approval, the card will arrive in mail within 7 to 10 business days.

What is the credit score requirement for CIBC Costco Mastercard?

You need 720 or better to get an approval for this card.


CIBC Costco Mastercard is useful when you are a frequent buyer at Costco. You will get cashbacks, and rewards using this card. Also, if there’s any issue with the card or its account, contact the customer service team.

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