What Your Favorite Toilet Paper Can Teach You About Job Search

By Ariella Coombs

What Your Favorite Toilet Paper Can Teach You About Job Search
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How on earth does toilet paper relate to your job search? You might be surprised.

We all have preferences. When it comes to products you buy (like toilet paper) or companies you want to work for (like Google).

However, it’s important to realize that everyone has different preferences. Some people prefer chunky peanut butter and others prefer smooth peanut butter. Some people prefer small businesses and others prefer big corporations.

The point is, everyone likes different things. The same thing applies in job search.

There are companies out there that you would love to work for and there are companies out there that you might never want to join. However, your preferences might not match up with the people around you.

You could be hanging out with friends and mention your dream company, and someone could gawk at you saying, “Don’t work there! They’re a terrible company!”

However, just because they don’t like the company doesn’t mean you won’t like it (or love it). So, instead of discounting that company based on your friend’s opinion, keep investigating. Just because it wasn’t right for this person doesn’t mean it’s not the perfect fit for you.

Make your own decisions. You should figure out what companies YOU want to work for down the line. You’re responsible for your own success and satisfaction. Then, you need to take a proactive job search in order to land those opportunities.

Don’t miss out on the career of a lifetime just because of someone else’s preferences. If you’re having trouble getting out of your career rut, watch this free 20-minute video tutorial with career expert J.T. O’Donnell. WATCH NOW!

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