Resume Help: Finance Executive

By Debra Wheatman

One of the most common resume issues is underselling or not selling at all. Today’s candidate has climbed the ladder to hold highly-responsible senior-level positions. However, each of the job descriptions on her resume is nothing more than a list of duties. Hiring managers know the basic duties associated with a particular job title. What they are really interested in seeing is how a candidate excelled in a position. Therefore, it is important to share major accomplishments. It is also critical to show the scope of your responsibilities with actual numbers.

After reviewing the resume example, consider these four ways that this finance executive can improve her resume.

  • Start each position with a description overview in a paragraph format. In the overview, illustrate your span of operations. How large was the company? Share details, such as number of staff, size of budget, and span of operations.
  • Go beyond the job description and include top accomplishments from recent positions. Feature each accomplishment in a bulleted format to call attention to it.
  • Pay attention to details of punctuation and capitalization. For example: Add a period at the end of each statement. Only proper nouns are capitalized.

It is important that you resume is created in a way that showcases your unique values. If you simply present basic job functions from your history, you are less likely to impress a hiring manager when job searching in a competitive market. Go the extra step and dazzle the reader with your achievements. If you would like help with your resume, contact me. I would be happy to develop a winning resume.

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