Episode 45: When, Why and How to Say NO

By Farnoosh


Welcome back to Episode #45 of The Daily Interaction podcast. Today’s topic is on Episode 45 – When, Why and How to Say No. So many of us struggle with saying no and it is essential, it is imperative, it is beyond necessary for us to know precisely how to do this and do it well, and without guilt and without leaving a bad impression behind. That’s a tall order, is it not?

So how do you say no? You know, the opposite of Yes! I want to help you understand the importance of saying no, and teach you why to always respect your two limited resources: your time and your energy. I also want to help you understand why you need to say no and what you are compromising when you always say yes by default, despite your hesitation to so.

Saying no is not confrontational. It is not about clashing with the other person or causing a scene. You are not going to start a war or get into disputes with your clients, partners, customers, family, friends or peeps. You are simply having a conversation and offering your availability, willingness and engagement in a fresh new way, and this new way is truly aligned to who you are and what you value. Are you now ready to get started?

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Your Weekly Friday Show Notes:

1.The compelling number one reason for you to say no when you are faced with something you don’t particularly want to do, and what exactly happens when you give in and end up saying yes out of guilt or pressure.

2. How to create a personal boundary system and put every opportunity and request that comes your way through a filter, and how to decide with confidence what is the best response for that opportunity first and foremost, for YOU!

3. The first filter is to ask yourself: Is this a resounding yes? If it is not a yes to which you want to jump up and down, then the real answer is a no. I warn you that this is a brutally honest test so be prepared for discovering things you may not like at first.

4. Why it’s important to be selfish and to set boundaries and how that alone helps you serve very best to the world.

5. How you don’t need to use the word “no” when you say no or turn down an offer and I teach you how to do this.

6. The bigger benefit of saying no and how it makes you more prepared and stronger to accept and receive a no.

7. The brilliance of learning to have a policy and establish proactive no in your system. For you. As a person. And why you need to be crystal clear about it.

8. How to show your compassion and sincerity while still showing your priorities and how that actually leads to a more trust-worthy relationship.

9. What to NOT ever do – avoiding a reply altogether is rude, unprofessional, and shows you to be nothing more than a coward. Don’t assume people just “get it”. Learn to work up the courage to say no professionally and politely.

10. How to say NO to your boss confidently and not arrogantly, how to be on equal footing with your management, and how to communicate it so you get what you want (check out Episode 6 for more juicy details). I give you a step-by-step example on how to professionally turn down a boss’s request.

What Can You Do to Show Your Love

My Sweet TDI Peeps: This was the 45th episode – that is 45 weeks, 7 weeks short of a year, in a row without missing a beat. Are you still enjoying the podcast? Will you miss it if I quit doing them?? Just kidding and making sure you are reading what I write here! And remember, the best way to show your love is by doing an iTunes ranking, right? Until next time, I am blowing you a kiss for showing your love for the podcast!

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