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Lessons from #EditorTherapy on Nudging Writers

By Kenna Griffin Respect my authority! That’s the message student editors want to send to writers who work for student media as part of course requirements, but don’t complete assignments, meet deadlines or take...

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Quotable: Chris LoCurto on Leadership

By Kenna Griffin VIEW AND SHARE MORE PROF KRG QUOTABLES HERE. The post Quotable: Chris LoCurto on Leadership appeared first on Prof KRG. See full article at :

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Drafting a Content Removal Policy

By Kenna Griffin I had a lot of fun in college. Unfortunately, that “fun” included doing many stupid things. I cringe when I think back on some of the poor decisions I made while...

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Lessons from #EditorTherapy on Productivity

By Kenna Griffin Student editors have problems doing the things they want and need to do for themselves while managing their peers. Believe me, I understand. The struggle is SO real! I was interrupted...

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Building Community Through Education and Family

By Jhia Jackson When I first interviewed Nicholas Midler, the young philanthropist who founded The Family Connection Kindercamp, I expected to learn how a high school teen was able to found a nonprofit and...

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Lessons from #EditorTherapy on Staff Training

By Kenna Griffin How to best train our staffs seems to be an issue for most student media editors and advisers. We host short workshops, provide tips and even have one-on-one meetings with new...