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Lessons from #EditorTherapy After the Election

By Kenna Griffin Student media should cover the election in context of their campus and the campus community’s response to the results, but they shouldn’t just cover it on the editorial page. This was...

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Quotable: Colin Powell on Leadership

By Kenna Griffin VIEW AND SHARE MORE PROF KRG QUOTABLES HERE. The post Quotable: Colin Powell on Leadership appeared first on Prof KRG. See full article at :

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What Student Journalists Want from their Advisers

By Kenna Griffin It’s difficult to know if you’re doing a job correctly or well if you aren’t really sure about that job’s description, but that’s exactly the situation most collegiate media advisers are...

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Lessons from #EditorTherapy on Successful Social

By Kenna Griffin Student editors know that they should use social media to promote their content, but they aren’t sure which social platforms to use or exactly how to use them. Running Successful Social...

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Lessons from #EditorTherapy on Writing Editorials

By Kenna Griffin Editorials are tough to write. Editorial writing has plagued every student media staff I’ve advised during my 14 years as a collegiate media adviser. It seems my students aren’t alone. A...