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Unconscious Biases in the Hiring Process

By Debra Wheatman Although most of us believe that we are ethical and unbiased, and that we can make objective assessments to reach fair and rational conclusions, this is nearly impossible. Scientists postulate that...

Swiss Saturday: Lesenacht 0

Swiss Saturday: Lesenacht

By Evil HR Lady This week my 8 year old went to a sleepover. With 27 other children. In the school library. I admit I’m kind of jealous. It was Lesenacht–Reading Night. The kids...

Who Comes First — Clients or Employees? 0

Who Comes First — Clients or Employees?

By Evil HR Lady We’ve all heard the saying, “The customer is always right.” Sure, without your clients, you have no business — but without employees, you have no one to serve your paying...