5 Signs You’re Ready to Open a Second Restaurant

By Whitney Sanchez

You opened your first restaurant, and it was a hit. You have a strong crowd of loyal diners and frequently have new customers come in to dine. When business is booming, you might wonder, “Is it finally time to open a second location?”

Expanding your restaurant is a lot of work and not every successful establishment can support multiple locations. Here are five signs that you are ready to open a second restaurant.

1. You Are Ready to “Start Over”

Opening your second location is a very similar process to opening your restaurant’s first location. You will have to go through the process of finding a new location and ensuring that it is up to par in health and safety standards. Additionally, you must make sure your location has all the curb appeal and is as easily accessible to your customers as your first location.

Before you can open your second location, you will have to apply for permits, like a liquor license, and have a health and safety inspector sign off on your location. Finding a location is just the beginning. You will also have to have a second-location-specific business plan and marketing plan.

2. Business is Consistent

If business is consistent and you have a steady flow of customers, this is a good sign that you can support a second location. However, the inflow of customers is not the only indication that you are ready. There should also be consistency within your organization. Before you open a second spot, ensure that the staff at your first location operates smoothly.

3. You Trust Your Staff

Making the move to open a second restaurant requires a lot of time. Since you will be devoting a lot of time to securing a second location, make sure that you trust your staff at your first location to continue working without as much oversight. You should also start considering which staff members would be best to move to the second location, so they can help it get off to a strong start.

4. You Have Done the Research

There must be market demand before you can consider opening your second location. Even if your restaurant is operating smoothly and you have a steady flow of customers, a second location will fail if there is no demand for one. Do your research about the competition and need for the type of restaurant you envision before taking steps to open it.

5. You Are Willing to Make the Investment

Opening a second location is a huge financial risk that could potentially hurt your first location. Make sure you have financial stability before making the decision to expand. Furthermore, opening another restaurant requires an investment of time and energy, so make sure you can devote yourself fully to the project before you sign on.

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